Cyber Security

Cybersecurity protects computer systems from damage or theft to hardware or software information. Markedly, it also protects misdirection or disruption provided by the networks. Computer security, on the other hand, involves not only the control of physical access to computer hardware but also protection from harm that results from code injection and data access (Pathak, 2017). Internet security due to operator malpractices whether accidental or intentional can be altered from secure connections in various ways. The increased reliance on wireless networks and computer systems make cybercrime of utmost importance. The wireless networks include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Smart devices such as televisions and smartphones are also crucial in cybersecurity. The systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks due to design weaknesses, internal control and, implementation and control. For one to secure a computer system, it is necessary to know attacks that can be aimed at it. Cyber security and cyber law concepts are imperative in the tackling of the global menace of cybercrime which may lead to vulnerabilities in a county’s financial, energy, aviation, and trading sectors (Pathak, 2017).