Secura Shield Pty Ltd. is a global provider of world class security solutions, specialized in the development of Advanced Security Solutions. The company provides innovative cloud Solutions, Endpoint Security protection and performance solutions for Internet users. Secura Shield is a privately held company based in Sydney, Australia with offices in US, Canada, Europe, India, distributors and partners across the globe. SecuraShield provides user-friendly and innovative Cyber Security solutions, focusing on Individual, Professionals, Businesses and Corporate Internet users across the globe. SecuraShield product portfolio features SecuraShield Business End Point Security with ATP, SecuraShield Business End Point Security, SecuraShield Antivirus Pro, SecuraShield Internet security, SecuraShield Total Security, SecuraShield AV Pro Cloud Premium, SecuraShield Total Security Cloud Premium solutions for home users, businesses, enterprises and governments.

Secura Shield is a professionally managed software company with an excellent management team. The company has strong leadership with robust technology experience as the founders have tremendous background in developing world-class security solutions. SecuraShield Software drives on the basic emphasis that simplicity, integrity and attitude in providing perfect solutions and total customer satisfaction.


Provides ultimate advanced security solutions which delivers proactive detection technology and protection against all types of viruses, trojans, spyware, malware and detect new threats based on file and URL reputation, Firewall & USB DLP.


Envisage Secura Shield Software as one of the leading players in security software market.

Set a standard for excellence in the security software industry along with commitment to quality, integrity, advanced technical assistance and total customer satisfaction.

Have a Look at our advanced security features?

Total protection

Cyber Threats comes in all shapes. SecuraShield Nimbus Sandbox captures detection technology stops them in their tracks. As a matter of course it keeps out viruses, spyware, worms, trojan, adware, unwanted applications, and other malicious programs so you can rest assured you are always protected and have complete peace of mind for you and your family.

Behaviour Detection

It uses the combined power of neural networks and a handpicked group of four classification algorithms. Unknown, potentially malicious applications and other possible threats are monitored and stops the offending program or process from carrying out potentially harmful activity

Advanced DNA Scan

Detection types range from very specific hashes to Advanced DNA Detections, which are complex definitions of malicious behaviour and malware characteristics. We perform deep analysis of the code and extract “genes” that are responsible for its behaviour and construct Advanced DNA Scan

Registry Repair

Problems with registry file which can impact your computers performance and slows down your system. SecuraShield registry Repairs will clean up unwanted hidden traces in following categories. File Extensions, Font Locations, Help Locations, Menu Order, Shared Dll's, Shared Folders, Start-up locations, Uninstall locations.

Nimbus Sandbox Threat Capture

Capturing unknown cyber threats. This proprietary cutting-edge technology Nimbus Sandbox captures unknown files and sends them to the SecuraShield Threat Labs for real-time analysis to keep you safe

Vulnerability Scanner

Malicious registry & cookie traces can exploit your system, damage it or steal personal information. SecuraShield Registry vulnerability scanner cleans up your system registry from Virus, Spyware and Malware traces & unwanted changes

Speedo - lightening speed

The new Speedo scanner and threat updates from SecuraShield Total Security is our most lightweight software yet. We'll be running a significant portion of our threat analysis in Sandbox - and without slowing down your system

USB Data Loss Prevention

SecuraShield Device Protection (Data Loss Prevention - Mass Storage) toward your data theft, denying access to unauthorized devices. Speedo scanner repair Infected USB’s in minutes and recovers the files which got hidden by virus attacks

Firewall. Keep out hackers.

Keeping away hackers from your home network. SecuraShield Nimbus firewall technology provides a new layer of proactive defence mechanics against unwanted hackers and identity thieves with this first line of defence

Web Protection

Websites have malicious code hidden in them. Or they are used to launch malicious or phishing attacks. The SecuraShield Web protection scanner checks the url that come up in your searches and prevents cyber crooks from entering your system

Parental Control

Safe guard your kids from access to inappropriate Internet websites content & cyberbullying based on content categories, such as Porn/Adult & time restriction

Email Scanner. No spam. No scam.

SecuraShield email scanner keeps out junk, phishing and virus mails. Keeps your inbox clean.

Junk Cleaner

SecuraShield Junk Cleaner identify and delete files that are not needed. This includes files created by Windows and your applications such as Log files, Temporary files and Error Reporting files

File Shredder

SecuraShield Junk Cleaner identify and delete files that are not needed. This includes files created by Windows and your applications such as Log files, Temporary files and Error Reporting files

Light weight antivirus

Runs without slowing down your system & uses very less system resources. That’s why we call it Speedo with light foot prints

Autorun Manager

SecuraShield Junk Cleaner identify and delete files that are not needed. This includes files created by Windows and your applications such as Log files, Temporary files and Error Reporting files

Boot Time Optimization

Identify and disable unnecessary start-up programs and optimize the performance.

File Recovery

Recover deleted files after shift Delete + Recycle Bin has been emptied or files were deleted while by passing the Recycle Bin

Antivirus, Ant-spyware, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing

You can feel safe with our newest protection technology

Bandwidth Manager

A simple way to track your Internet quota usage and quota limitation

Updates & Upgrades

Runs very small hourly updates database without your notice.